What if I wake up in the middle of the night?

A good night of sleep is one of the most comforting things I have ever experienced. Passing out the night before, and waking up the morning after by the sound of my alarm. Nevertheless, there has been many nights in which I would wake up having recurring thoughts. In my personal case, most of the times, thoughts about work. Through trial and error I have come up with tactics that had helped me to go back to sleep.

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Dividing the workday

I am a big fan of deep work and deep rest, and have been pondering about these two concepts a lot. I feel that both are the foundation of my current work style, and they allow me to find joy on a daily basis. At this moment of my life I feel aversion to a culture of exhaustion, and I am looking forward to learn to sustain good work for the rest of my life. The idea that I need to work super hard until burn-out just for a period of my life, does not suit me. The outline of the work-day below is to help me realize that to pull-out 10 hours of deep work is not an easy task – maybe not even reasonable – and it eats up all the wake hours.

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On dividing the workweek

The 80:10:10 rule, I learned from Peter S. Fiske

I planned to attend Peter S. Fiske’s talk during the 2020 APS March meeting, but the conference was cancelled due to the current corona virus situation. Fortunately, as how it happened to many things recently, Peter’s talk became an e-talk. I decided to take the opportunity and listened to Peter’s wisdom at the same time and day as if it had happened in Denver.

The 80:10:10 rule, I learned from Peter, is a principle on how to divide your work week. Peter learned it when he was a graduate student at Stanford during a free lunch. Towards the end of the lunch Peter asked the invited alumnus if she had any formula for success, the answer was  the 80:10:10 rule.

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